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Syllabus for written test for selection of departmental candidates for the post of Jr. Data entry
Operator (Trainee) in T&S Grade “E”.
Duration of written test One and half hours (90 minutes)
Pattern Objective type
Syllabus pattern for written test Part-l ’ 80 Marks.
Part-ll > 20 Marks.
Total > 100 Marks.

1 Computer Systems:
Basic definition of computer, features and applications, hardware, software, firmware and liveware.
Representation of information inside a computer.
“Generation of Computers classification of computers according to purpose (general and special purpose),
according to working (analog, digital and hybrid), according to processing capability (Super, mainframe,
mini, micro, laptop and palmtop).
“Block diagram of a Computer system – Standard and common input/output devices.
” Processing  CPU, ALU, CU Memory, unit and different types Bit, byte, kilobyte, megabyte and Gigabyte.
Semiconductor memories such as ROM, RAM, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM.

  1. Operating Systems:
    Secondary storage devices- NTES, Latest removable storage devices, hard disk and pendrives.
    Types of software – system software & application software, functions of operating system, interpreter,
    compiler and assembler.
    Familiarization with MS DOS, Windows and Linux. Booting the computer.
  2. Computer application:
    Applications of essential accessories such as notepad, Word Pad, paintbrush, images, calculator,
    calendar, media players and sounds. Multimedia. Setting, using and applications of control panel.
    Display properties, sound properties, different screen savers, and font management. Installation of
    Setting hardware such as scanners printers modem and dialup network. Concepts of zipping and
    unzipping and applications.
    4 Data Processing:
    Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, Access and Outlook.
    Basics of other data processing tools like Open Office, Libre Office etc.
    5 Computer networks:
    Networking concepts, LAN, WAN, their applications.
    Basic understanding of networking devices and its applications.
  3. Internet:
    Concept of virus, how computer get affected, Antivirus tools, protection.
    Concept of network, Internet, intranet, ISDN, Broad brand concepts and applications
    Basic concepts of Cyber security, latest trends in cyber security.
  4. Familiarity with the latest IT applications in the organization including e-Office and SAP. Latest trends in
    the field of Information Technology.
  5. General awareness and aptitude:
    Comprehension, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
    Logical reasoning and analytical ability.
    Quantitative aptitude, Basic Numeracy (Numbers and their Relations, Orders of Magnitude, etc.) (Class
    Xl level).
    Data Interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. – Class X evel).
    General awareness regarding current issues of national importance, ClIL, WCL, NCWA etc.
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    The syllabus for Clerk (O) Grade-ill -fafkG UIGHU) ds- II ât fafu uGT ylQUhH(Syllabus):
    Duration of written test One and half hours (90m inutes)
    Pattern Objective type
    Syllabus pattern for written test Part-l > 80 Marks.
    Part-|| ’ 20 Marks.
    Total100 Marks.